Massmann’s Vietnam News & Regulations and Vietnam Holding Investor Report


Oliver Massmann provides his weekly news and regulations about Vietnam asan appointed professor at the Foreign Trade University in Hanoi and an acting lawyer & partner at Duane Morris in Hanoi.
Massmann_Vietnam News and Regulation_8th of May 2015
Vietnam Holding provides its monthly Investor Report on Investment in Vietnam.
The monthly VietNam Holding
Latest Investor Reports, continuously updated, can be downloaded here:
Vietnam Holding Report of April 2015

  9 Responses to “Massmann’s Vietnam News & Regulations and Vietnam Holding Investor Report”

  1. pls keep me informed via newsletter

  2. Many thanks to Swiss Center Vietnam for posting our latest Investor Report.

    For further information on VietNam Holding Ltd please visit or contact us at, telephone +41 (0) 43 500 28 10.

    Kind regards, Gyentsen Zatul, VietNam Holding Asset Management (Schweiz) AG

  3. Often I was suprised how much FDI a country can attract and I have for long time questioned the figures as given in the case from China. Now I understand that there might be a big difference of actual FDI and statistical FDI in the case of VIetnam, in reference to Massmann’s newsletter. I sincerely hope that such revelance helps that officials in such countries are more careful in their figures. I wonder how much Vietnam’s actual GDP is differing. Regards HS

  4. Great thanks to the SCV and Massmann. Straight forward and updated information. Much more than expected and free of charge! We would like to discuss a partnership with you…can you also provide similar information for other South East Asian markets? Steve M.

  5. Great information. Much appreciate it. C. Hughes

  6. Hi, I am interested to know why Vietnam’s FDI varies so much between different statistics, i.e. VN Statistical Office, ADB, UNCTAD. Anyone has an idea? Brian Tucker, freelance editor

  7. Herzlichen Dank für den Update. Wie immer, das sind tolle Informationen.
    Gruss PH

  8. Very good information. P. Fisher

  9. Good information, well done. Regards, H. Räber

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