CH Companies in search of Vietnamese business partners


Our aim is to support Swiss companies in Vietnam!

Not in all cases is it necessary to have a fully fledged representation. Sometimes it may just be project partners, suppliers or agents that are neededl.

We invite Swiss companies to let us know their needs so our organization can  offer our best possible support.

Your inquiries will be made public right here on this web page to additionally help you find a Vietnamese business pooling partner online.


Please conntact the Swiss Center Vietnam if you want to get in touch with one of the CH companies. Or simply leave a reply below.

  16 Responses to “CH Companies in search of Vietnamese business partners”

  1. A Vietnamese company looking for business partners in import-exports items of all kinds to/from Vietnam.

  2. That’s the pferect insight in a thread like this.

  3. Dear Sirs or Madames

    I would like to get in touch with the company who is looking for suppliers of plastic mugs.

    I do also speak in German.

    Yours Sincerely

    Mr. Ha

  4. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am David from Malaysia, I am looking for a business partner in Vietnam to distribute good quality projector screens.

    Kindly contact with me if you are interested.

    Email :

    Thank you with best regards


  5. Hi all,

    I’m a ex swiss student and currently in Vietnam. I’m looking for swiss partners who can interested in IT development and outsource concept.

    I’m also open for other idea.

    Please feel free to contact me by mail:

    I can speak in French also.

    Kind regards,

    Minh Tuan

  6. Hi
    I am from Sri Lanka and recently visited Vietnam and spend few days in Vietnam. I love this country and now I am looking for a reliable business partner for a joint business .

    Please write me

  7. We are a Major rubber trading company in Switzerland and are looking for new suppliers in Vietnam.

  8. hi everyone,,my name Danny,i am in Vietnam,,interested in business..i am looking for a parter having quality in travel. if there anyone likes this,,contact me through my email:
    . looking forward to receiving your feedbacks..thanks.\
    Danny Tran

  9. i m trader in vietnam , deal with all agriculture product. please let me know if you would like to buy any kind of products from vietnam. phone: 84-908413106

  10. I live Hanoi in Vietnam. I want to cooperate with foreigner company
    sell some goods in Viet nam market . can you contac to me. or

  11. Dear B.Wright,

    I am interested in your message: “We are a Major rubber trading company in Switzerland and are looking for new suppliers in Vietnam”

    Could you please give me your email or I can be reached at for further discussion.


  12. Hi,

    I am looking for a partner that can supply essential needs for VietNam market

    Please contact with me via mail:


    Phong Phu

  13. Hi,

    my mail above can make misunderstand, i am a Vietnam business so i would like to contact with foreign company that can supply essential needs for me to sale in Vietnam.

  14. Im in business in hanoi of vietnam, specially in interior design and implementation field.
    Hope can be a distributor what can be done in vietnam

  15. Dear Sir or Madam!
    Im from the place where we making a lot of pineapple juice and honey. So i would love to get in with the businees..
    Please ,contact with me via email:
    Many thanks!

  16. Hello,
    I am looking business partner who can invest his money into my business, I have a good business and have regular customers from shipyard, marine , oil and gas companies. I have so many orders from customers but don’t have problems with cash flow that make me face difficulties in running business. If you are interesting in this business, pls contact me for further discussion

    Beside that, I am also looking for business partner who can joint venture with me to expand business about lacquer products. I want to export these products to other countries but don’t have cash.

    Pls contact me at

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